fidentity Liveness Challenge not yet cracked!

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Agile security measures for agile business models

At Agile Leadership Day, Christina Kistler, CCO and Rolf Wagner, COO of GObugfree AG spoke about the increasing threat of cybercrime and how agile security approaches such as Shift Left, Continuous Testing with Bug Bounty and Zero Trust Architecture can provide companies with proactive, holistic and systemic protection.



Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty: Key components of your cyber security toolbox

In the October 27, 2022 panel discussion, security experts debated two tools that lead to increased cyber resilience: Pentesting and Bug Bounty.



Not cracked yet - fidentity Liveness Challenge prize money still up for grabs

On Nov 3-4, 2022, during 36 hours, more than 100 Friendly Hackers tried to bypass the artificial intelligence of the fidentity system. The system's not been cracked yet.



Pentesting and/or Bug Bounty Program?

Are you interested in finding out more about pentesting and bug bounty programs? Come to the Cybero Expert talk on October 27 to hear the pros and cons of each approach. The expert panel includes cyllective founder Sophus Siegenthaler, GObugfree co-founder Michael Schläpfer and security researcher Antoine Neuenschwander.


GObugfree awarded swiss made software label

GObugfree: Guaranteed Swiss

GObugfree is the first bug bounty platform to be awarded the swiss made software label. Christian Walter, Managing Partner at swiss made software talks about the importance of the label and why companies should pay closer attention to where their software comes from.



GObugfree expands Advisory Board with business consultant Stefan Bürzle and ecosystem specialist Ralph Hutter

Stefan Bürzle and Ralph Hutter bring further expertise to the GObugfree Advisory Board after the two bug bounty specialists Andreas Schneider and Matthias Jauslin. Bürzle is the link to the world of finance and business, while Hutter, as HWZ course director, provides the connection to the Swiss education landscape and brings his ecosystem expertise to the table.



GObugfree now has an advisory board: Bug Bounty experts Andreas Schneider and Matthias Jauslin join the start-up.

The IT security start-up GObugfree was able to win over two bug bounty pioneers as consultants. Find out more about Andreas Schneider and Matthias Jauslin - and how they assess the potential of GObugfree.



New CEO for the next development stage of GObugfree

Pawel Kowalski will be devoting himself fully to product development in future. The experienced founder and entrepreneur Phil Huber takes over as managing director.



Webinar: Agile Security Measures for Business Models in E-Commerce

At the Handelsverband.SWISS webinar, Pawel Kowalski, CEO & Co-Founder of GObugfree, will show you how existing security measures can be effectively supplemented by the swarm intelligence of a community of trusted hackers to counter new risks.



Threema now relies on the Swiss bug bounty platform from GObugfree and makes its messenger app even more secure

The manufacturer of the well-known secure Swiss messenger, Threema GmbH, is now working with GObugfree to secure its products, Threema and Threema Work.



Agile business models require agile security measures

This was the title of GObugfree Co-Founder and Chief Hacking Officer Michael Schläpfer's Best Practice Speech at the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2022 (SCSD). The balance of the conference also clearly shows that Switzerland is in a race to catch up in the area of cyber security and new security approaches are required.



GObugfree is ready to take off - the management is complete

Marketing and sales expert Christina Kistler completes the management team of GObugfree as Chief Commercial Officer and becomes a partner.



GObugfree is Gold Sponsor of the Swiss Cyber Security Days

The Swiss Cyber Security Days is one of the country's most important conferences in the field of IT security. GObugfree co-founder Michael Schläpfer will be there to show how SMEs can also protect themselves against cybercrime in an increasingly digital world.


gobugfree_bild BBH ist neu GBF_de.png

BugBountyHub is now called GObugfree

New name, same mission: protecting businesses against cyberattacks thanks to crowd intelligence



GObugfree opens the first public IoT bug bounty program to PlaceB

PlaceB offers a large network of self-storage units at various locations in Switzerland. Using the cell phone, which acts as a key, customers can easily open the doors to the rented storage space with the sliding button or even give access permission to the storage space to family members and friends with a few clicks of the mouse.



A concentrated load of digital know-how for the BugBountyHub board of directors

Twint-Co founder Thierry Kneissler and placeB founder Terry Fehlmann strengthen our IT security start-up on a strategic level



Bug Bounty – Miracle cure or marketing hype?

What can bug bounties do, and what are their limitations? Are they a panacea or just the latest IT buzzword? We try to get to grips with this new approach to IT security.



Bug Bounty – Bug-tracking hackers or bounty hunter 2.0

Hear the term "bounty hunter" and we automatically think of the Wild West – catchphrases like "Dead or Alive!" familiar from movies such as Django Unchained or For a Few Dollars More.