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Vulnerability Disclosure Programs: For the secure reporting of vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDPs) play a significant role in improving cybersecurity by enabling third parties to securely report vulnerabilities. GObugfrees' free GOvdp, makes it easy for organizations to efficiently implement and manage their own VDPs, allowing them to benefit from findings made by external parties.


There are numerous tools for systematically testing applications and systems for vulnerabilities - from code reviews and penetration tests to automated vulnerability scans and bug bounty programs. They all actively contribute to the early detection of existing vulnerabilities and form a strong line of defense against cyber threats. Yet despite all these efforts, vulnerabilities sometime remain undetected for a long time.

Vulnerability disclosure programs (VDPs) provide an essential platform for closing these gaps. They enable third parties to easily and securely report vulnerabilities that have been found. As a way for companies to set up their own vulnerability disclosure program securely and efficiently, GObugfree is offering GOvdp free of charge. This tool provides clear and secure communication channels through which vulnerability reports can be processed effectively.

VDPs: An essential framework for secure vulnerability reporting

A VDP is not a testing method, but a regulatory framework that facilitates the interaction between companies and external third parties, following the "see something, say something” principle. It provides a structured process for well-meaning individuals to report vulnerabilities safely and in a straightforward manner. A VDP provides a legally secure framework and gives both companies and ethical hackers confidence in dealing with discovered vulnerabilities.

The complementary nature of VDPs and bug bounty programs

VDPs are not intended to replace vulnerability testing, but rather to complement them. They extend the reach of a company's cybersecurity efforts by enabling the responsible and coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities that have been unaddressed or overlooked by existing measures.

Unified processing: Triage and management

At GObugfree, thousands of reports are processed each year. The team helps with risk assessment and remediation of reported vulnerabilities, enabling companies to efficiently and appropriately respond to critical security gaps. GOvdp users have the option to add triage and advisory services at any time to ease the burden on their own operations and ensure that all reports receive the attention they deserve.

The role of a VDP in promoting a secure digital ecosystem

Adopting a VDP demonstrates that a company or organization takes cybersecurity seriously. This commitment, in turn, encourages ethical hackers to voluntarily contribute to the cybersecurity of these entities, thereby enhancing the overall security of our digital world. VDPs not only strengthen existing security measures but also build trust within the cybersecurity community. Especially for less experienced security researchers, VDPs serve as a valuable entry point into the world of ethical hacking, providing a platform to gain experience and recognition before entering more competitive areas like bug bounty programs. As a side effect, they improve digital resilience.

A strategic layer in cybersecurity

VDPs do not replace existing security measures nor introduce new methods for detecting vulnerabilities. Instead, they augment ongoing security efforts by providing an additional channel for the early and coordinated reporting of vulnerabilities, facilitating faster responses to threats.

Promoting open communication for a more secure future

VDPs are designed to foster a cooperative environment where companies and external parties can collaborate to shape a more secure digital future. By establishing clear processes and legal frameworks for reporting vulnerabilities, they not only increase organizational responsiveness but also promote mutual trust.

Strengthen your cybersecurity today

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