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Our Partners

To offer our customers and security researchers first-class service, we work with a variety of trusted partners, who are as passionate as we are about what they do.


BDO Switzerland: Cyber security and protection for SMEs

In today's digital world, cyber attacks are a constant threat to Swiss SMEs. To counter this risk, BDO Switzerland and GObugfree have joined forces. Our partnership aims to raise awareness and equip companies with the necessary tools to effectively protect themselves from cyber threats.

Through joint events, we provide SMEs with practical advice and strategies to improve their cyber security. BDO Switzerland, as the main partner of the GOHack event, plays a central role in sharing expertise and promoting a culture of cyber security among Swiss SMEs.


Helvetia Cyber Insurance

Despite strong preventive IT security precautions and anti-virus programs – there is no such thing as complete IT security. This is why Helvetia Cyber Insurance provides you with the ideal complement in the form of financial cover in the event of a claim.

GObugfree belongs to Helvetia's partner network of experts. To support KMUs in prevention and protecting themselves against cyber attacks, we are offering Helvetia customers special conditions for our Community Bugtest.

Find out more about Helvetia's cyber insurance solutions


fidentity: FINMA-compliant online identification of our security experts

fidentity, a FINMA-compliant partner, provides online identification solutions for GObugfree's security experts. The company creates trust in a digital world by offering a fully automated (AI) and seamlessly integrable verification solution for self-service customer onboarding. Financial service providers and companies from other sectors rely on its web-based services to identify customers and digitally sign documents. Founded in 2016, fidentity develops, designs, and hosts its services exclusively in Switzerland.


Aequivalent: Expertise in digital background checks

Aequivalent, the leading Swiss platform for employment verification, collaborates closely with GObugfree to enhance the security and reliability of hiring processes. GObugfree hosts Aequivalent's Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) to make their online solutions even safer. For GObugfree customers seeking an additional layer of security, Aequivalent offers background checks for selected friendly hackers. This partnership strengthens protection for companies with the highest demands for data security.

Discover more about our partnership and how it contributes to the security of your company: Learn more about our partnership.


Bug BountyHunter: Training platform for Friendly Hackers

BugBountyHunter is a training platform created by bug bounty hunter zseano designed to help Friendly Hackers learn all about web application vulnerabilities and develop their hacking skills in a structured way. Members who reach level 4 on BugBountyHunter are shortlisted for GObugfree private bug bounty programs.