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GObugfree makes it a point to give friendly hackers as much privacy as possible, but at the same time to give our customers the necessary trust. Therefore, we rely on a staged verification of you as a friendly hacker.

Identification level 1

Register via the portal (login) with at least your first name, last name and email address. Now you can already go "hunting" in public programs. Only your nickname is visible to our customers. To submit vulnerabilities, you need identification level 2.

Identification level 2

Would you also like to be considered for private programs? Or would you like to submit a vulnerability? Then you must be verified to at least level 2. For this, you'll need to tell us your date of birth, your nationality and your country of primary residence. We will verify this information via video call or through an external identification service provider. The video call also offers the opportunity to tell us a little more about your hacking experience - we look forward to it.

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Know how

Show us your hacking experience

In addition to identification level 2, there are other factors that determine acceptance into private Bug Bounty programs. One factor is your proven hacking experience. Either through vulnerabilities found at GObugfree, through your hacking successes on other platforms or through certificates. State your previous experience when registering or contact us directly.

Cooperation with the training platform

Want to learn how to hack step by step? gives you the opportunity to learn or develop your hacking skills in a structured way. If you reach level 4 on BugBountyHunter, we'll put you on our shortlist for private bug bounty programs.

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Found a bug

Have you found a bug in a public or private program and want to report it? In order for us to pay you your reward for accepted vulnerability reports, we need your full contact details (Level 1, Level 2 details plus full residential address) and an IBAN.