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With these words, GObugfree has made it its mission to take strict action against cyber criminals. We make it our business to protect companies of all sizes from cyberattacks and to assist our customers in their daily fight against vulnerabilities and security holes. With our community of experienced security experts and trusted ethical hackers we help you make your vulnerability-management easy and effective.

About GObugfree

GObugfree AG was founded in April 2021 and is headquartered in Zurich. The Vulnerability Management SaaS platform, developed and hosted by the founders in Switzerland, provides companies of all sizes with continuous security for their digital products and systems. With this platform, SMEs and large enterprises have easy and cost-effective access to bug bounty programs, vulnerability disclosure programs, and security testing conducted by ethical hackers and security researchers. GObugfree advocates for more young talent in the cybersecurity field and offers the first bug bounty education program for ethical hacking in Switzerland.

The team consists of an experienced and qualified team of experts. GObugfree offers you comprehensive support in securing your digital products and systems.

Meet the Team

Team GObugfree works tirelessly to further develop its platform and products. Working closely with our customers and our community of trusted, friendly hackers, we continue to expand our services and our community continues to grow every day. Only a team that is willing to constantly learn, work hard and evolve can improve the security of its customers' future products and services.

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The Board

A concentrated load of digital know-how for the GObugfree board of directors

  • ce372834-4a4c-4443-b3a3-a75b2d06aa75_Fehlmann-Terry_20220214_0083.jpeg

    Terry Fehlmann

    Chairman of the Board

  • 74eb57d3-9141-4b5f-b99e-41f82dbb1714_portrait_thierry_kneissler_2020_2.jpeg

    Thierry Kneissler

    Member of the Board

The Advisory Board

Experienced experts from different fields and industries accelerating GObugfree’s growth

  • Andreas_Schneider2.jpg

    Andreas Schneider

    Advisory Board Member

  • Matthias Jauslin.jpg

    Matthias Jauslin

    Advisory Board Member

  • Stefan_Bürzle.jpg

    Stefan Bürzle

    Advisory Board Member

  • Ralph_Hutter.jpg

    Ralph Hutter

    Advisory Board Member

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