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Collaboration between Aequivalent and GObugfree: Emphasizing data protection

In a world where data security is a top priority, GObugfree and Aequivalent are working together to make it even stronger. GObugfree has set up a tailored Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) for Aequivalent. On request, Aequivalent offer additional background checks for select friendly hackers on GObugfree's platform. Through this partnership, they ensure that sensitive information receives an extra layer of protection.


In today's digital landscape, where data breaches are all too common, strong security measures are crucial. This is particularly true for companies like Aequivalent, Switzerland’s leading digital platform for employment screening, or background checks. Through its secure online solution, Aequivalent helps employers reduce the risk of inappropriate employment by ensuring potential hires have been thoroughly vetted. To enhance its security measures, which already include traditional tactics like routine pentesting, Aequivalent teamed up with GObugfree to implement a comprehensive Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP).

About Aequivalent

Aequivalent is a Swiss pioneer in the field of digital employment screening. Their secure online platform is designed to verify and deliver pertinent information to help employers mitigate risks associated with employment and make informed hiring decisions. At the core of their operations is the commitment to keeping sensitive personal data safe and secure, a trait that has earned Aequivalent significant trust within the industry.


"With GObugfree’s vulnerability disclosure program, Aequivalent raises the bar again in the security and protection of our users’ private data."

Marc Tinguely, Sales & Marketing Director at Aequivalent

An additional layer of security with a VDP

GObugfree’s VDP offers Aequivalent a structured process for security researchers to responsibly disclose potential vulnerabilities. Marc Tinguely, Sales & Marketing Director at Aequivalent says, “With the vulnerability disclosure program, Aequivalent raises the bar again in the security and protection of our users’ private data. GObugfree’s straightforward approach and platform make the disclosure process simple and efficient”. This additional layer of security serves to uplift the trust that Aequivalent’s clients place in them. The sensitive data that Aequivalent handles are better safeguarded thanks to the efforts of GObugfree, among other robust IT security measures the company has in place.

Beyond Identity Checks: Validation by Aequivalent

For added security, Aequivalent also validates selected friendly hackers on GObugfree's platform. While GObugfree already performs identity checks through its identity verification partner, fidentity, Aequivalent's additional layer of validation is particularly beneficial for clients dealing with highly sensitive data.

Discover the Benefits of VDP

Wondering how a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) can enhance your company's security posture? Implementing a VDP is more than just about finding weak spots; it’s a declaration of your company's dedication to compliance and data safeguarding.

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