Security thanks to a structured reporting process with your free GOvdp

GOvdp: Vulnerability Disclosure Program

Security thanks to a structured reporting process

Make sure that potential security vulnerabilities can be reported. The easiest way to do this is with a free Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) from GObugfree

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More security through transparency and collaboration

With a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) you show that your organization takes vulnerabilities seriously.

GOvdp establishes policies and processes to ensure that external security researchers or individuals who have discovered vulnerabilities can report them responsibly.

Increased security

By continuously identifying and fixing vulnerabilities with a GOvdp, the security level of your systems and data is increased, reducing the risk of cyberattacks.


With GOvdp, you position yourself as a responsible company in terms of data protection and also meet current security standards and compliance requirements. The Swiss Confederation also operates a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP).

Low effort

A GOvdp makes it possible to manage vulnerabilities efficiently without requiring significant internal effort by providing a clear process for reporting and remediating vulnerabilities.

Integration of external expertise

Benefit from the insights of external security experts through a clear and secure framework for reporting potential security vulnerabilities provided by GOvdp.

Increased customer trust

Through transparent communication and proactive action within the framework of GOvdp, you increase the confidence of your customers by demonstrating that the security of their data is a top priority.

Actionable insights

In addition to information about security vulnerabilities, GOvdp also provides you with actionable insights that contribute to the improvement of your security measures and system architecture.


GObugfree's GOvdp provides us with the necessary legal framework to responsibly handle vulnerability reports and allows us to engage ethical hackers who play a critical role within the cybersecurity ecosystem.

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Your roadmap to secure your IT

GObugfree's Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) is up and running in just 1 to 2 working days and provides live reports on submitted reports. Our experts will guide you through the process step by step.

Step 1:
Set up the VDP

Preparation of the Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) on your website as a web form / security.txt and publication on the GObugfree platform

Step 2:
Consolidate reports

Reports are collected on the GObugfree platform and automatically transferred to the next process step

Step 3:
Process reports

Your team checks and confirms the processed reports. If you need help or further details, you can book the knowledge of our security experts.

Step 4:
Close vulnerabilities

You can give various employees and suppliers access to the reports so that they can be rectified. You have the option of rewarding good reports.


Overview of the current situation

The dashboard provides you with a clear and comprehensive overview. It allows you to see the most important information and metrics at a glance.

The reports contain detailed analyses and evaluations to help you make targeted decisions.

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Receive standardized and traceable messages.

Our communication module ensures that you receive standardized and traceable reports. This system promotes clear and efficient communication between your organization and safety researchers.

The platform helps to structure the exchange of information and ensure that everyone involved is always up to date.

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Integrate into your own website

In addition to posting on the GObugfree platform, you can integrate our specially developed form into your website to enable direct and secure reporting of vulnerabilities. This integration fits seamlessly into your existing website layout without compromising the user experience.

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With its direct approach, the GObugfree platform helps to make the process of disclosing security vulnerabilities simple and efficient.

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Start now with an own free Vulnerability Disclosure Program

With a Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) you show that your organization takes vulnerabilities seriously.

The GOvdp establishes guidelines and processes to ensure that external security researchers or people who have discovered vulnerabilities can report them responsibly.

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