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BugBountyHub is now called GObugfree

New name, same mission: protecting businesses against cyberattacks thanks to crowd intelligence

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Bug bounty programmes are invaluable for companies when it comes to minimising the number of vulnerabilities in digital products and services. The last few months since the start-up was founded have already shown this. With the help of a platform like GObugfree's, bug bounty programmes are also easier than ever to implement.

The start-up's services are therefore in high demand, which has prompted the founders to expand further and develop not only technically but also as a company, which is why the company decided to change its name and opt for a new logo and design.

GObugfree turns hackers into heroes

The new logo reflects the interplay between cyber security (symbolised by the security lock) and friendly hackers (symbolised by the helmet of a fighter). "For our customers, we turn hackers into heroes," says Marcel Eyer, CTO of GObugfree. Through its platform, the IT security start-up brings companies and ethical hackers together. GObugfree creates legal certainty (legal safe harbour) and thus the basis for mutual trust between the parties.

Logo derivation GObugfree

GObugfree makes bug bounty programmes for everyone

Bug bounty programmes used to be very difficult to run successfully. Managing such a programme required a lot of manpower, expertise and resources. As a result, they were reserved for large companies and corporations with large security budgets. Eyer says: "It is our ambition to make bug bounty programmes accessible to smaller companies with our platform." Simple, efficient, secure.

GObugfree protects companies and their critical data

Today's customers expect their data to be handled with care when they use a certain product and service from a company. The trust that is essential for a long-term relationship requires that this data is kept secure. At the same time, digitalisation has increased the pressure on companies to bring new products and services to market ever faster. Agile teams, new releases every few weeks, adjustments, changes, improvements. That's how they are measured. How secure their products are is usually secondary, until it comes to a bang.
And this probability has increased massively in recent years. Crime is also shifting visibly into the virtual space. The pressure by cyber criminals on companies, municipalities and other state institutions has increased sharply.

Doing nothing is not an option. Fear of cyberattacks restricts companies' entrepreneurial freedom, and the knowledge of being the focus of an attack weighs heavily on those responsible for IT security. Whoever has found a suitably trained person, because there is a widespread shortage of skilled workers in the field of cyber security.

Freed by the crowd - the new GObugfree slogan

With this new slogan, GObugfree says war on cybercriminals. The IT security start-up makes it its mission to protect Swiss companies from such attacks and to assist them in their daily fight against vulnerabilities and security holes. With a community of experienced security experts and trustworthy hackers. With a bug bounty programme, companies can rely on a community of hundreds of security researchers and immediately access a much broader range of expertise, knowledge and backgrounds. In this way, the risk of a cyber attack can be minimised. In addition, development teams can learn from vulnerabilities reported through the programme and expand their cybersecurity knowledge.

The GObugfree team will continue to work tirelessly on the further development of its platform and products and further expand its cooperation with the community of ethical hackers. Because only a team that is willing to constantly learn, work hard and evolve can improve the security of its customers' future products and services.

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