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New CEO for the next development stage of GObugfree

Pawel Kowalski will be devoting himself fully to product development in future. The experienced founder and entrepreneur Phil Huber takes over as managing director.

Phil Huber

There will be a change in the management team of GObugfree. After successfully building up the IT security company, CEO Pawel Kowalski wants to focus more on his passion, product development, and will become Chief Product Officer of GObugfree. "This has been an intense time. We assembled a team of high-calibre people, built a community of more than 700 security experts around the globe and launched a new service that has already won numerous well-known customers," Kowalski looks back.

He has fought on all fronts. Now, however, the time has come to finally be able to work on the product itself with more focus. Kowalski says: "As CEO, I had to be everywhere at all times. That was an incredibly exciting and instructive time from which I can take a lot with me for what's coming now." Through the many customer contacts, he says he has developed an understanding of what is in demand now and in the future, how GObugfree's product has to work and how it should be developed further.

The new man at the helm of GObugfree: This is Phil Huber

Phil Huber will take his place. The 52-year-old has helped several start-ups get off the ground and has years of experience in financial management of medium and small businesses. Huber says: "I know exactly what it takes to take a company like GObugfree to the next stage, how to set it up to grow and create value."

Huber co-founded PlaceB and spent several years as CFO of the e-commerce company, which offers digitized self-storage. Most recently, he led FTTH rollout projects for Salt and Sunrise. At the same time, as CFO, he is involved in setting up Swiss Blue Salmon AG, a salmon farm near Lake Walen.

We will expand our product range and our services and at the same time refine the existing offer in order to respond even better to customer wishes says
CEO, GObugfree

Milestone: First financing round about to be completed

GObugfree will soon close its first round of financing. Huber says: "We have already attracted exciting investors and we expect to close this funding round in the next few days." These funds will now be used to further expand GObugfree's position in the Swiss market. At the same time, the company is preparing for internationalization.

Huber is pleased to be able to count on the expertise of Pawel Kowalski. “We will expand our product range and our services and at the same time refine the existing offer in order to respond even better to customer wishes," says the new GObugfree CEO.

At the pace GObugfree has set for itself, this can only be done with a competent and staffed in-house development team. Huber says: "I am really proud of our experienced team and am particularly pleased that Pawel is fully focused on his core competence thanks to our new distribution of roles. He is sensational in product development and business development, which are important topics for the long-term success of GObugfree."