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GObugfree expands Advisory Board with business consultant Stefan Bürzle and ecosystem specialist Ralph Hutter

Stefan Bürzle and Ralph Hutter bring further expertise to the GObugfree Advisory Board after the two bug bounty specialists Andreas Schneider and Matthias Jauslin. Bürzle is the link to the world of finance and business, while Hutter, as HWZ (Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration) course director, provides the connection to the Swiss education landscape and brings his ecosystem expertise to the table.

The Advisory Board of GObugfree will be complemented by two further experts. Stefan Bürzle, multiple CEO and member of the Board of Directors, and Ralph Hutter, Head of Ecoystems at Finnova and Head of Studies at the HWZ, bring further valuable competences to the board with their background and many years of experience. The Advisory Board of GObugfree consists of individuals who, based on their knowledge and skills, complement the competencies of the GObugfree management and advise the company in strategic and operational matters. The Advisory Board supports the definition and implementation of the company's medium-term business goals and longer-term strategy. This includes, among other things, advising on the expansion of business opportunities or the optimisation of products and services.

Stefan Bürzle is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Confida Wirtschaftsprüfung AG, one of the leading consulting and auditing firms in Liechtenstein. In addition, he is CEO at Deloitte Liechtenstein. In addition to his expert knowledge and broad wealth of experience, he brings with him a well-founded network of financial and IT service providers. As an auditor, he is also intensively involved with organisations under public law such as hospitals, municipalities, transport associations or the postal service. Compliance with legal framework conditions, the fulfilment of specifications and ensuring smooth process flows are essential success factors for the companies he supports.

Stefan Bürzle
"Prevention is certainly better than having to fix the consequences of a successful attack."
Stefan Bürzle, Advisory Board Member of GObugfree

"The topic of cybersecurity is omnipresent, whether at private companies or public institutions," says Stefan Bürzle. And he goes on to say: "For entrepreneurs and managing directors, it is sometimes hard to imagine all that is feasible and actually done today with regard to cyber attacks." The danger of a cyberattack has probably never been as great as it is today. Accordingly, awareness of these dangers has also increased. Bürzle says: "Prevention is certainly better than having to fix the consequences of a successful attack." He is convinced that the demand for a service like the one GObugfree offers today will continue to grow strongly.

Ralph Hutter has been working in the banking sector since the 1990s, where cybersecurity is a top priority. Today, he is Head of Ecosystems and Partnerships at one of the oldest fintech companies in Switzerland, the banking software manufacturer Finnova. Around 100 Swiss banks currently rely on Finnova solutions and more than 400 people work for the Lenzburg-based company. This gives Hutter a broad network in the finance and fintech industry. Secondly, he is the head of studies at the HWZ Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich. There he is responsible for the CAS course Platforms & Ecosystems, which focuses on building digital business models and cooperations. Whether in a company or as a lecturer, digital ecosystems are central to Hutter's everyday work. It is always about the cooperation of different partners with the goal of jointly creating new values, such as a service or a digital product based on cooperation and openness. GObugfree, in addition to his experience in the financial industry, he will provide important inputs in building their own hacker platform and partner network.

Ralph Hutter
"The market for services like those offered by GObugfree is still young and not very institutionalised in Switzerland. This is a promising starting position."
Ralph, Advisory Board Member of GObugfree

"The market for services like those offered by GObugfree is still young and not very institutionalised in Switzerland. This is a promising starting position," emphasises Ralph Hutter. Although the environment is still not very institutionalised, GObugfree already offers a service with a high degree of maturity. Hutter's involvement in the advisory board is largely due to the fact that he is convinced of the team and the quality behind GObugfree's cybersecurity service.