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Webinar: Agile Security Measures for Business Models in E-Commerce

Do you work in an e-commerce company and are interested in learning more about new, agile security methods in collaboration with Friendly Hackers?


Digitalisation enables innovative business models. Cloud technologies and agile development methods make it possible to react quickly to customer needs and continuously release new functionalities. However, this dynamic increasingly leads to vulnerabilities not being detected early on, which in turn is exploited by cybercriminals. Almost every week we read about successful cyber attacks in the news. These can cause high financial losses and reputational damage for e-commerce companies. Conventional security measures reach their limits.

At the Handelsverband.SWISS webinar, Pawel Kowalski, CEO & Co-Founder of GObugfree, will show you how existing security measures can be effectively supplemented by the swarm intelligence of a community of trusted hackers to counter new risks. Using concrete examples, he presents new agile security methods such as bug bounty programmes and provides insights into how e-commerce companies can proactively and continuously protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Gain insights into working with Friendly Hackers and learn:

  • Which different variations of agile security exist and how they can fit your budget and security priorities.
  • How GObugfree's Friendly Hackers can help you defend against cyber-attacks using practical real-world examples
  • How working with a community of Friendly Hackers can enhance the skills and capabilities of your team
  • How you can additionally strengthen the trust of your customers through more advanced, continuous security methods

The webinar will take place on 29th of June 2022:

08.30 - 09.30 in German

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10.00 - 11.00 in English

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