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Our mission is to make effective and continuous cybersecurity easily accessible to businesses of all sizes. Here is why companies are choosing our vulnerability management platform.

Agile, continuous security testing approach

Traditional testing methods, such as pentesting, only test your system selectively, which is no longer appropriate for today's rapidly changing and agile work environment. With crowd-based approaches like a vulnerability disclosure or bug bounty program, you can test continuously and meet agile security requirements on a daily basis.

The swarm intelligence of a community of trusted friendly hackers

With crowd-based solutions like a bug bounty program, organizations can tap into a community of hundreds of security researchers worldwide and instantly access a much broader range of expertise, knowledge and backgrounds. In this way, the risk of a cyber attack can be minimized. In addition, development teams can learn from vulnerabilities reported under the program and expand their cybersecurity knowledge.

Easily accessible and cost-efficient

Crowd-based approaches like bug bounty programs used to be difficult to run successfully. Managing a bug bounty program required a lot of manpower and expertise, so they were reserved for large companies with high security budgets. GObugfree's vulnerability management platform is easily accessible and cost effective for small and medium sized companies.

Competent advice from experienced team of security experts

GObugfree was founded by experienced and competent security experts, who will be happy to advise you from the very beginning and guide you on your way to your first crowd-sourced security program.

Make cybersecurity a priority for your business too!


BDO Switzerland and GObugfree team up to protect SMEs

BDO Switzerland and GObugfree are working together to protect Swiss SMEs from cyber attacks. Take advantage of our joint consulting and cybersecurity services.


The strength of the community of talented security researchers from different disciplines studying our products provides real added value over traditional approaches.

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Cyber prevention partner Helvetia

Helvetia and GObugfree are here to support you in preventing cyber attacks. Have your company's existing security landscape checked for potential vulnerabilities and benefit from our comprehensive action recommendations. Helvetia Cyber Insurance customers enjoy special conditions for a GObugfree Bugtest.

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The latest news from GObugfree


Cyber resilience workshop in the heart of Switzerland

A unique workshop on cyber resilience, organised by the Cyber Resilience Alliance was recently held in ‘The Room’ at Zibris. The event was aimed at individuals who are responsible for cybersecurity or would like to delve deeper into these topics, such as management, executive management and board members. The aim was to bring the topic of cyber security closer, break down barriers and create awareness. GObugfree, as part of the cyber resilience alliance, was involved in the event.



ZKB Explores Bug Bounty Program with GOHack Challenge

Trust is a core value of Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), and cybersecurity plays a crucial role in upholding it. Sarah Plocher, Security Analyst at ZKB, explains how the bank, in collaboration with GObugfree, explored the potential of a bug-bounty program through the GOHack Challenge. The goal of this exploration was to evaluate the necessary preparations and internal processes for a potential implementation, thereby strengthening the bank's security measures and proactively addressing vulnerabilities.



Vulnerability Disclosure Programs: For the secure reporting of vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Disclosure Programs (VDPs) play a significant role in improving cybersecurity by enabling third parties to securely report vulnerabilities. GObugfrees' free tool, GOvdp, makes it easy for organizations to efficiently implement and manage their own VDPs, allowing them to benefit from findings made by external parties.