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In an increasingly digital world, staying at the forefront of security technology is crucial. Our bug bounty programs provide an effective solution for identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities and threats in your systems. Dive into the world of bug bounty programs and discover how our expert security community can help you enhance and optimize your IT security.

Leverage the creativity and expertise of many skilled individuals to protect yourself and your systems.

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Patrick Venetz

GObugfree made it easy for us to offer a public bug bounty program. As a media company, we can now fully focus on developing a great product instead of investing resources in reviewing and evaluating vulnerability reports and legal frameworks or spending time managing a healthy hacking community.

Patrick Venetz
Software Developer at Republik Magazine
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What is bug bounty?

In a bug bounty program, ethical hackers from around the world search for "system vulnerabilities" (bugs) in a company's web services or applications. When an issue is discovered, it is reported, and a reward (bounty) is paid. Companies can set the reward amount in advance, depending on the severity of the vulnerability. Rewards are paid only for reports with technical evidence, making this system an excellent way for companies to improve their security at a low cost.

With GObugfree, you only pay for effectively found and proven vulnerabilities!

The benefits of bug bounty for you

Protection against the latest attack tactics

New vulnerabilities in digital services and software are uncovered daily. A bug bounty program helps you identify and close gaps that may have gone undetected during previous security audits.

Testing from an attacker's perspective

Due to the complexity of systems and networks, attack methods are becoming increasingly diverse. By leveraging a versatile community of ethical hackers, you gain valuable insights from an attacker's perspective.

Cost efficient and effective

The performance-based reward system covers only reports with technical evidence, allowing you to improve your security cost-effectively. You only pay for validated vulnerabilities.

Expert validation of vulnerabilities

Our triage support helps you assess the risk level and priority of reported vulnerabilities and confirms their reproducibility.

Power of the community

Benefit from the expertise, skills, and creativity of our large community of qualified and vetted ethical hackers. Leverage the collective knowledge of many bright minds instead of relying on just a few.

Positive boost for your reputation and public perception

Participating in a bug bounty program signals that your company takes security and data privacy seriously, resulting in a positive public image.


Use Case: Protecting sensitive data

The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) not only funds thousands of research projects across all scientific disciplines but also leads the way in securing sensitive data. The SNSF’s bug bounty program enhances the cybersecurity of its portals and makes a crucial contribution to data security.

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GObugfree bug bounty programs


  • Community bugtest
  • IT-Security audit
  • Comparable to a black box pentest

Invitation only bug bounty program

  • Small number of selected ethical hackers
  • First reports / bounties

On request bug bounty program

  • Larger number of ethical hackers can apply to participate in the program

Open published bug bounty program

  • Hackers can register and participate without having to apply.
  • Full access to the entire ethical hacker community.

Find digital vulnerabilities faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively with GObugfree!

Start your bug bounty program with GObugfree today and reap the benefits of this new agile security approach:

  • Agile, continuous security review
  • Creativity and collective intelligence of the community
  • Transparent, cost-effective vulnerability overview
  • Only pay for actual vulnerabilities

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