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Upcoming Events

June 11, 2024
Swiss Trade Association (Handelsverband) Webinar Cybersecurity in E-Commerce: How can I effectively protect my business? (in German)


Cyberattacks threaten online shops every day and cause potential losses. In our webinar on June 11, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., Christina Kistler, Co-CEO of GObugfree, and Simon Krummenacher, Head of E-Commerce at Transa, will explain key aspects of cybersecurity in e-commerce and how you can protect your e-commerce business. Topics include current threats, crowd-sourced security, vulnerability management and practical experiences. Take this opportunity to learn from leading experts and better secure your business!

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June 13, 2024
Fail Night 2024 (in German)


GObugfree Chief Security Officer Michael Schläpfer joins Serge Frech in an open dialogue at Fail Night 2024. The event promotes a culture of failure and learning, where experts share their experiences and talk about the potential of mistakes for personal and professional development. Expect an evening of fun with valuable insights and practical takeaways.

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Past Events

June 5, 2024
Cyber Resilience live – a practical workshop to strengthen your company's security (in German)


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June 6, 2024
Forum Industrie West (in German)


Meet GObugfree at the Forum Industrie West in Rankweil, Vorarlberg. The event offers an excellent platform for exchanging ideas with experts and executives from the manufacturing industry and discovering the latest trends. Visit us at our booth and learn more about crowd-based security solutions.

April 18, 2024
3. Cyber-Sicherheitskongress des BVMW Mainz-Bingen (in German)

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SMEs, public institutions, education and the healthcare sector are increasingly being targeted by cyber attacks. The BVMW Cyber Security Congress offers executives innovative strategies to strengthen their company's defenses.

November 2023
Lunch-Event: How to protect yourself against cybercrime?

Get a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of cyber security and learn how to stay one step ahead of threats at this joint event by BDO Switzerland and GObugfree. Learn how security vulnerabilities are exploited in a live hacking demo. The subsequent buffet lunch offers an ideal opportunity for personal exchange and networking. (Please note that this event will be held in German).

Nov 22, 2023: SUISSEDIGITAL DAY 2023, Bern

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Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2023: GOHack23


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DigitalFestival Zurich: Sep 15-16, 2023

Discover what the internet knows about you! Join us at DigitalFestival Zurich, where we will be helping attendees explore their digital footprints. Our booth is dedicated to increasing your understanding of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), focusing on the sheer volume of information about individuals that's accessible on the internet.

Lunch-Event: How to protect yourself against cybercrime?: 4.9.2023, Sursee

At this joint event by BDO Switzerland and GObugfree, attendees gained a comprehensive insight into the fascinating world of cyber security and learned how to stay one step ahead of threats. A live hacking demo showcased how security vulnerabilities could be exploited. The subsequent lunch offered an ideal opportunity for personal exchange and networking.

Women in Cyber: 31.8.2023, Bern

Christina Kistler, GObugfree's CCO, shared her insights and knowledge from her experience with bug bounty programs in the panel discussion on cyber incidents and the law.

Cybersecurity of and in Switzerland: Aug 24, 2023


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SIGS Roundtable & Barbecue: Aug 24, 2023

Digital Conference Ostschweiz (DCONO): Speaker and Sponsor


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